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#100160 Posted at 2011-03-14 05:33        
# cinco : Dear Darkexcuse, being in Foxhound's favor and apparently wielding some authority around here is no excuse to treat people with disrespect. I notice you often get defensive and feel the need to prove that you're right. Maybe that's a personal insecurity issue, so I will not judge you. But what I find unacceptable is the way you talk to new people here. Maybe a sensitivity course is needed. Your location says China, so maybe English isn't your native language and you have trouble articulating your real thoughts.

Thank you.

Best regards, Cinco

Ok mate, this has gone on far too long now... why just dig up any old thread which ive said something
in for you to pick up on what ive said? and what right have YOU got to say you find it unacceptable
for the way I speak to new people? oh my god... are you forgetting what you have done the past week
or so?? how you flame people with your stupid feedback and commenting on stuff where its not needed!
If you see the 600+ posts ive made I ALWAYS welcome people here to Armaholic with a nice welcome
and try my best to help them in anyway. Just some do not show the appreciation like the one above.

Do you know helping people day after day, time after time and most of it is down to they do not stick
to the simple rules! let alone using the search! Well,.. there is your answer.

Now Foxhound is not only a friend, but he is also my admin too, ive had infractions by him in the past,
ive been told to stick to the rules in the past, and ive actually been given not only 1 chance but more
from him... "thats what makes him a good admin, he doesnt favor anyone" so dont tell me that I am
in his favor because im not! I wield authority to a certain extent
which im aloud, again if it was out of line fox would put me straight. I tell you now that if I had the
authority I would of already banned you a long time ago, you are just that type of
person who likes to annoy people.

And another thing, my work is in China and has been for the past 8 years! im from London England,
so dont start saying I have trouble articulating my real thoughts because you are wrong.

All I can say to you cinco is you have a problem with communicating in a civil manner with our community.

1st - Check The Rules! 2nd - Use The Search!

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