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#100877 Posted at 2011-03-26 23:16        
Hi everyone! I've read around for talk of Domi East, but I could hardly find a single word, until I found the actual release of 2.28 Domi East. I also found that it's only played on Russian servers, so the issue might be solved by posting on server forums. But...

I'd love to see someone update Domi East with newer features included in the recent releases. Though I suspect some features, like backpacks, may not work on opfor models, it'd still be nice to see things like more armor spawning in base.

Maybe it's not as old as I think it is, but I can't figure out why there isn't a single English speaking server hosting Domi East! To me it seems like a great challenge, and that was confirmed when I played on one of the Russian servers. Lack of communication can limit the fun, though. If I'm just being a dope and Domi east is just as updated as any other version, let me know and I'll get straight to requesting it on servers instead.


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