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@Ironwood: Thanks man. The USEC guys made an oil rig for Armed Assault. Strange. If you do a search for "oil rig" or "rig" it doesn't come up. But if you do a search for USEC, you can find the addon here: USEC Oil Rig

I tried to get it to work in Arma2 but no joy. Not sure what the problem was but I could not find it in the Editor, probably just a small config problem. I really liked that oil rig. I've read harsh criticisms of it on the BI Forums which I really disagree with, but maybe others had negative experiences that I didn't have. It had a helipad you could land on which was cool, too. Maybe the problem was placing it in the editor. You had to be spot-on with your placement because it was actually 5 pieces that you had to stack on top of one another which could be difficult. But the included example mission had them in there, so really all you needed to do was copy and paste. Anyway, if that rig was updated, with the new knowledge out there and the new Arma2 functionality, a single editor entry could load all of the pieces similar to the USS Enterprise and DBO version of the drivable LHD.

@thedog: The FFAA Mod has a cool script that you can activate which allows you to be attached to the deck of a ship before it starts moving. You can then detach by hitting backspace and reattach again whenever you like. Not possible to walk on the deck while the boat is in motion, but it's one step closer to deck walking. Of course, the ship they created has walkable surfaces. Gnat recently released a fantastic group of civilian ships called the Isolda Fleet in honor of one of the ships named the Isolda. They are great fun and have a ton of cool features including some parts of the deck that you can walk on.

Here's an idea on how to implement your idea:
  1. Add an action to a unit which allows a player to create a ladder attachTo'd to the front of that unit.;/li]
  2. Get that unit into the CRRC and drive to the boat you want to board.
  3. Make another script which attachTo's your unit to the CRRC, so you can stand and turn while the CRRC is in motion
  4. Activate the action to create the ladder
  5. As soon as the CRRC matches the forward speed of the Isolda, use another script to detach the ladder and right after that attachTo the ladder to the Isolda modeltoworld (or something) which hopefully would lock in place the ladder relative to the position of the Isolda
  6. The next part would be the most difficult. Once you were close enough to that ladder, hopefully you could get the option to climb the ladder. If you do that, you might leave the CRRC behind, even though it is still attached to you (that happened in my mod during testing - if you get into a boat, even with the pond attached to you, the pond would stay behind. But that's a pond and not a CRRC which has very different properties)
  7. Next step would be to activate an action which would detach you from the CRRC
  8. Now you are climbing a ladder attached to the side of a moving supertanker. Once you get to the top of the ladder, you are going to fall off of the ladder and fall into the ocean. So you need another script which would attach you to the deck of the Isolda
  9. So someone has to invent a script which allows dynamic attaching to decks of boats. Theoretically, using keypresses such as MoveForward could run some kind of macro which moves your unit forward using getPos, detach, setPos and attachTo. Moving left would change your setPos to the left, etc. It would probably be a PITA for the player knowing which action to hit and when.

Once that happens, you are on the boat and kind of walking in a weird floaty way. But only walking on one plane. You wouldn't be able to go down stairs but you might be able to approach and go up ladders using an action that would detach you once you mounted the ladder.

Added 2 hours 48 minutes later:

I updated the first post with newly updated information and a reduction/enhancement to the bug list. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I am predicting that I won't be able to swim and dive in lakes. The good news is that I might be able to fix the problem. Currently, if I use getPosASL to check my height above sea level to attach the pond to the unit, everything is great most of the time. But sometimes the game seems to think I'm talking about the pond I'm attached to, not the sea level of the ocean. Then it gets confused and when I hit the dive or surface buttons, I start to float up and down between the level of the ocean and the level of the pond. Sometimes I go above the level of the ocean a few tenths of a meter and can't get rid of the pond (pond is supposed to detach at 0.1 meters height. So if I set the scripts to measure getPos instead of getPosASL, it works (as long as the ocean is at sea level on all maps - DOES ANYONE KNOW IF THIS IS TRUE?). If the ocean on a map is far above or below sea level, this whole thing won't work on that map. So far, I've only tested on Utes but I'll try all of the other maps I have (once I get everything squared away on Utes).

So wish me luck on fixing the getPosASL issue.

The other good news is that I've made a video (in two segments) showing the functions I've built in so far. I can't figure out how to embed them... :( <-- SEARCHING HELPS :)


PART 2 - new version

Added 29 minutes later:

Oh, I figured out a workaround for diving in lakes. But it will have issues. I can get the position of the player the first time they start to dive which will set myUnderWaterStatus = 1. Until you return to that depth (or height), underwaterstatus will stay at 1. But once you go above that depth (or height), your underwaterstatus will change to 0, and you'll be unattached from the pond. The problem is, if you hit the dive button while still on land, it will screw things up. Maybe I can have the game ask what animation the player is currently performing. If the animation is not the swim animation, it won't proceed. I have NO idea how to do that though. But that would work.

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