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#102217 Posted at 2011-04-16 18:27        
It looks disappointing to me. This, to me, looks like COD 4 with better (but unrealistic) graphics and destruction. I'm only 20 but I think I might have grown out of running and gunning. Besides, even though BF tries to force some level of teamwork, BF players almost never use it. Arma on the other hand is very very good. Most arma players are looking to be a part of some sort of teamwork, regardless of clans etc... I will wait for the in-game youtube videos of the beta at least before I spend money on BF3. I also have a very low opinion of EA. The BFBC2 stats server hasn't been working properly since the release of the vietnam expantion, and not even all the weapons are in the stat page. I can deal with bugs, I can deal with a LOT of bugs; but EA fails to fix things not because they are busy, but because they are too cheap to buy a decent server. EA is a prime example of how not to run a game. And the BF series is not it's only testimony. I came from there to find something where the tempermental kids were not. Yes, thats pretty much the only reason I bought arma; the reviews said "it's slow paced". Although the reviews are wrong in my opinion, (its only as slow as you make it), I found so much more in arma that was missing in BF. Needless to say, I will only buy this game if the youtube videos and reviews say it's "EPIC". Otherwise I'll be having fun in arma where ppl don't cry or feel better because their padded stats.

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