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#102241 Posted at 2011-04-17 00:15        
I was joking, fella. I know exactly who he is and what he does. :)

Anyway, back at the topic...

The towns of Takistan are remarkably tidy. They should have much more junk lying around.

This script puts clutter objects on the road edge. These clutter objects are split into 3 types, depending on their size - small medium and large.

Some of the small ones will contain an anti-personnel IED, enough to kill or wound a couple of nearby guys. It'll have rather less power than a 203. Some of the medium objects will contain an anti-vehicle IED, enough to disable an armoured vehicle or kill a car. The large objects will be much rarer and some of them will contain very large explosive devices, rather larger than a GBU.

So there'll be lots of clutter and only a few IEDs, which is how it is in real life.

edit: fixed the gay youtube busted aspect ration thing.

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