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#102339 Posted at 2011-04-18 07:20        
Man! I could remember when Red Faction first came out and everyone loved it has it had destructable
environments and to me with what we have seen already, Battlefield3 has not gone over the top as we
have seen in the videos etc, its looks awesome! and I can only see this game being a TOP if not the best
game in years! dont forget that the Battlefield makers have been in this series of games for a few years
now, multiplayer is there speciality and id find it hard to see or say that they will fail with this!

Cant believe alot of the negativity in this thread, and another thing that your all forgetting is that its
not even close to release yet! its got a long way off! just imagine what else and the many more improvements
that will be made! rock on BF3.

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