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#102370 Posted at 2011-04-18 17:47        
Here is a new update. v305.
This update is a response to the OA patch 1.59 which changed a few things in the command system.
It made some orders redundant, but also opened for other commands and gave me an excuse to add some new commands.

Download v305.

Whats New:
*Removed Team 6-12 orders on all profiles. Not needed anymore because of shift+F1 to F5 functions now selects teams Red(1) to White(5).

*Added directional orders to Ambush command. Both for Team X and Team 1-5. Usable directions: N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW.
Example "Team Red Ambush North" or "Team One Ambush North". The normal "Team Red Ambush" order still works.

*Added "Contact Front" order and direction to All teams, Team X, Team 1-5 and stand alone panic "Contact front" order.
Usable directions: N,NE,E,SE,S,SW,W,NW.
Example: "Team Red Contact Front", "Team Red Contact North West", "All teams Contact Front" or just "Contact Front" for all teams panic order.
Similar to Ambush, but without the "hold fire" order. Basically a order you use when you are ambushed or go into contact. :)

*Added Team Five orders for re-enforcement (OA 1.59). Similar to Reinforcement CTI chapter, but for servers which dont allow command hud/tactical view.
Example: "Team Five to Team One Armor mode" or "Team Five to Team Red Armor mode". Using the orders "Team White..." needs tactical hud like before.

*Added additional formation orders. "Formation +type" since the "All teams formation +type" is too long I think. "All teams formation..." still works.
Example: "Formation Column", "Formation Line", "Formation Vee"... etc.

*Added "Select team 1-5" to select team Red(1) to White(5).

*Updated "Change team X to team X", "1-12 to team X" etc orders to include Team 1-5. (1)Red,(2)Green, (3)Blue, (4)Yellow, (5)White.
Example: "Change team Red to team white", "Change team one to team five", "change one to team red", "change one to team one"... etc.

*Updated "Team X Return NOW" to include "Team 1-5 Return NOW".

*Added "Unit 1-12 move Now" orders to High Command. Works similar to other move now commands,but in HC mode.
(Not to be confused with command hud/tactical view).

*Added "Team 1-5 information" and "Team X information".
This order will give you a voice response on what color or number the team you are asking is.
Example: "Team Blue information". Response -Team Blue is team 3-

*Updated Readme.

More Info on...

Contact Front:


As always I welcome any feedback. Have fun! :)