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#102379 Posted at 2011-04-18 19:05        
I realize that DICE is the developer, and I do like their material. DICE has a fairly long history of innovation in the field. However, nothing ruins a good game like a bad host. It's like a server admin, you can be playing the best game ever, but bad admins can ruin it in ten seconds. For me, gameplay is first and foremost. DICE decides on what potential the game has, EA decides how short the game will fall from that potential; at least that's how I see it.
Another thing is the anti-cheat system that BF uses. Punkbuster. It just does not work. This can again be directly and fully blamed on EA. Did you know that EA will not ban accounts that have been reported by EvenBalance? EA does not work with Punkbuster whatsoever, it's just a brand that they pay for to make people think "this game is safe".
The only thing that can possibly happen to people caught by Punkbuster is getting banned from a specific server. And really, the liklihood of being caught is laughable. Basically the weight of punishment and probability of being caught, to benifits of hacking ratio is way over to the hacking side. This causes server admins to be overly suspicious of hackers, and doing a good run with 40/5 K/D will earn you nothing but a ban.
BF is a stat-based game. It's how they retain the community. People will play to improve their stats, and as such, will keep playing to be on top. Personally, I don't care for that system, even though I do well in it; more importantly however, is that the stats are never correct. If multiplayer is EA's specialty, then why would they be so amature as to have a malfunctioning stat system in a game that relies on stats to maintian it's player base? Absurd is what it is!
All these things take away from the actual, all important gameplay. This is what I mean when I say that DICE determines the ceiling of the game, and EA decides how good the game will actually be.
Every aspect of a game is intertwined. The community, the devs, the hosts, and the game itself are all nearly equal components to sucess. Although the BF franchise enjoys a fair bit of success, I really don't know how. If I knew, I could be rich by putting out junk with the one magical thing that makes people go pick it up.
BF is a good game, but that's about all it has going for it IMO.
P.S.: Not everything here is directed towards DeltaForce, I just got sidetracked :)

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