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Well as you all know E3 will be starting this June the 7th until the 9th and there is much hype on the new and
upcoming games, plus a lot of surprises are in the works so its been said. There is also a personal booth for
the Arma series Bohemia Interactive, could this be an announcement of something were wanting to hear? or
maybe just something completely different. Well anyway, discuss your most antisipated upcoming games or
something you simply just think isnt going to cut it, talk is the COD series has lost its touch, and with BF3 coming
and I must say looks bloody awesome then what do you think? Have fun, keep to the topic, talk games....

The Official E3 website can be found here! please do post some more relevant info if you know of any. :-)

The always likeable creative lead Cliff Bleszinski used his E3 2011 time to showcase the Campaign mode, starting right at the beginning onboard a sea vessel under attack from a gigantic beast. He was joined by rapper Ice T of ‘Body Count’ fame to lock-n-load heroes Marcus and Dom into their all-new ‘Silverback’ armoured suits, shooting at the eyeballs of the beast as it chomped through the deck before our disbelieving eyes. The action was stupendous, the one-liners up to scratch (“we’re gonna need a bigger cattle prod”), and the finale just fantastic.‘Gears of War 3’ is released 15 September 2011.
Everything that was said about ‘Forza Motorsport 4’ sounded very similar to what we’ve heard about ‘Forza 3’ and ‘Forza 2’, but with the emphasis this time on “wild innovation and fun”. It may be the hardest of core experiences for automotive fans, but developers Turn 10 and of course Microsoft needs this to be a ‘Gran Turismo’ killer, appealing to casual racers too. The trailer looked suitably sexy with its “most stunning graphics ever seen on the Xbox 360 platform”.
‘Forza Motorsport 4’ is released 14 October 2011, suggested (by Microsoft) as the ultimate community for all things automotive with ‘Top Gear’ association to boot. No pun intended.
We have a separate story for the many Kinect announcements, but ‘Fable: The Journey’ belongs here with the traditional Xbox blockbusters. Also, we’re not sure if Kinect belongs in ‘Fable’. Series creator and experienced orator, some might say oracle, of games Peter Molyneux introduced a demonstration from the beginning of the new adventure in Albion, driven entirely by Kinect.
According to Peter Molyneux the new ‘Fable’ is intended to make us feel 100 times more involved with the experience of being a hero. To this end the demonstration showed driving a horse-pulled caravan into a small village overrun by monsters, the player’s hand gestures used to gee-up and woah-there the horse. Upon stepping down from the carriage the gameplay is entirely scripted, the only freedom being to cast and throw magical fireballs at the enemies.

It was a great showcase for Kinect, but not necessarily ‘Fable’ since this beloved Xbox RPG series has most famously catered for casual folk who don’t always enjoy the fighting bits, but above all enjoy exploration. Hopefully the Kinect sections will occur about as often as the mind-numbing mini-games from past instalments, that is rarely. ‘Fable: The Journey’, which we still don’t doubt will be almost entirely fabulous, has an estimated arrival date (ETA) of to be confirmed (TBC). Sigh.
One last Microsoft hurrah before rounding up the quartet of killer third-party titles boasting varying degrees of Xbox 360 exclusivity. The indie success story ‘Minecraft’ is making its console debut on Xbox 360 and Kinect. Almost 2.5 million people have bought the block-building PC game from at the introductory price of €14.95 (€20 when it’s deemed finished by designer Markus Persson). No price or release date for Xbox 360 was announced, but expect it before Christmas 2011.

Activision’s ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ opened the Microsoft E3 2011 press briefing, hitting home the degree of importance placed by Microsoft on brand association. The campaign mission “Hunter Killer”, featuring Sgt. Derek Westbrook of Delta Force, showed SCUBA-diving Navy Seals approaching New York Harbour using DPVs. Moody and atmospheric, almost indistinguishable from a Nat Geo HD documentary, the action escalated from placing an explosive on a colossal submarine to a high-speed escape on a dinghy with a burning New York skyline screaming with jet fighters.
Absolutely amazing, but of course ‘Modern Warfare 3’ is also due for PlayStation 3 and PC. The big shout for Xbox 360 is that all forthcoming download-content, including the highly sought-after multiplayer map packs, are coming as timed exclusives for Microsoft’s console.
Up next after ‘Modern Warfare 3’ was studio Crystal Dynamics and ‘Tomb Raider’, also resembling a live action movie at first glance. Infamous heroine Lara Croft followed a scripted route to the outstanding climactic scene, but between times the gameplay encourages experimentation directed by Lara’s survival instincts, highlighting potentially useful objects in a flooded cave.
The scene appeared to be a graveyard for all manner of sea faring vessels past and present, with ship masts sighted as Lara is flushed through potholes and diving cages at hand to help Lara perform her escape. Occasionally Lara would run into a mysterious figure grasping at her ankles from the darkness, offering help, but the game requiring rapid wiggling of the Left Stick to break free.

With human remains swirling among the surf, and a sense of claustrophobia comparable to the finale of Cameron’s ‘Titanic’, near drowning Lara is eventually thrust onto a precipice from where she can see shipwrecks in all directions. The Bermuda Triangle perhaps?
Sadly the “open environments” and “visceral combat experiences” of the new ‘Tomb Raider’ are out of reach until at least 2012.
Ubisoft’s demonstration of ‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’ leaned heavily on Kinect content after blasting through a bullet-time scene of a terrorist bust featuring a near-future boomerang that Batman would be proud of. The clip reminded us of the explosion scene from the John Travolta and Halle Berry flick ‘Swordfish’. It was very, very impressive and will have series fans scrutinising the footage for other gameplay clues before its autumn 2011 launch.

For Kinect the ‘…Future Soldier’ demo moved on to the Gunsmith feature, in which the armoury is customised using gesture control and voice prompts. This was the ‘Minority Report’ moment that core gamers have been secretly looking forward to, flicking through hardware parts, making shapes with hands and arms to bring items together or cast them aside with a push and a swish.
Kinect voice recognition worked perfectly, based on simple instruction trees such as: “Gas System. Next. Select.” Done. And if you can’t be bothered compiling your own design, simply saying “Optimise for Close Combat” or “Randomise” produced results. The player can then practice with the guns on a shooting range, pretending to hold the rifles like a kid playing at soldiers, making flash gestures with the trigger hand to fire. It was a bit weird throwing one arm in the air to zoom though!
Ubisoft says that all future titles in Tom Clancy franchise will “leverage Kinect”. The first will be ‘Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’ in October 2011.
Finally, many of our readers’ best saved till last, ‘Mass Effect 3’ from BioWare. Dr. Ray Muzyka took the stage, promising that ‘ME3’ will be the best game in the series, bringing “epic, awesome fun” and taking immersion to the next level. To this end, the familiar and award-winning conversation tree is now voice-driven by Kinect. You voice the responses given by Commander Shepard. Also, during the grand-scale combat sections, voice commands guide the actions of your fireteam.

‘Mass Effect 3’ is scheduled for Christmas 2011, and BioWare says there has never been a better time to jump into its unique brand of sci-fi sorcery and intergalactic adventure.

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