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#104883 Posted at 2011-05-24 21:05        
Hi, I am having trouble with a certain script. I want to attach a lightbar (primitive one, mind) that is already in game ("red_light"), to a vehicle. Now I am making this script for a ZL style mission, and I dont want to use named objects. The code I am going to enter in the vehicles init when spawned. But what I cant understand is why it is so hard to do this without naming the objects which is definetly not what I want to do (as there would be many clones and get messy). I just want a classname>attachto>vehicle script that can be defined in one vehicle's init. I have been working for hours on this now! and I came up with
light1= "red_light" createvehicle (position player) ; light1 attachto [this,[-0.0,-0.00,0.44]]
"red_light" createvehicle [this,[-0.0,0.00,0.44]]
and a guy on BIS forums said I could use
(createvehicle "red_light" [this,[0,0,0]]) attachTo [this];
but I tried this and it gives me a "missing )" error. Im actually questioning if this is actually possible using the createvehicle command. I might have tunnel vision on this subject as I have been working on this for quite some time! Help needed!