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An idea that I have is similar to "Welcome to T-stan" in the Campaign, but I have been thinking of an invasion mission.
Think a blackhawk or two carrying operatives, and a chinook carrying a large infantry squad, landing just outside Zargabad. If this could be made multiplayer (which would be fun to play with the PCGamer folk), and the helicopters can fly above (think Blackhawk down), and the infantry move through the town, with heavy resistance from Opfor. An objective to destroy a tank that was delivered from Takistani supporters. Satchel charges, or an optional airstrike (Arma2 Campaign), to destroy it. Of course there should be plot twists, like the UN accidentily roaming into the area and their helicopter getting shot down, and you need to rescue them, or unexpected reinforcements. Just an idea for all you experienced mission creators out there :)

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