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#105399 Posted at 2011-06-04 00:56        
Another update video.

On the face of it, nothing has changed other than the script is able to spawn animal carcasses, though underneath, there's been many improvements.

Previously, it was spawning clutter objects at the side of every road object, in this video, it's only using 60 of the 74 road sections within the 300m radius of the town centre. Also, the medium sized clutter group has been removed and assimilated into large and small. This means there will only be two IED sizes in the final version, not three as originally planned

Parameters that will passable to the script include town centre position, radius in which objects will be spawned (can be a given amount or a percentage of maximum available) and number of clutter objects that will have IEDs in them (can be zero, a given amount or a percentage of max available). Of those, which will be small (an AP device) or large (a vehicle killer) may be a parameter too. Not worked out how I'm going to do that yet.