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#106105 Posted at 2011-06-17 17:37        

For my first post, here is the release of my last addon. This is a port of the one I've made for ArmA, but with lot of improvements :

- 3 versions available (Red, Blue, Green).
- New textures HD.
- Modification of the shaders.
- New Sounds.
- Update of existing scripts. Addition of new one.
- More information on the cockpit HUD.
- Optimisation of the landing in battroid mode (Auto management of the landing gears).
- Modification of the weight (Flaps needed to takeoff).

This addon was tested on ArmA2 CO and ArmA2 Arrowhead (standalone). It works fine on ArmA vanillia, except if you spawn the vehicle with an AI.

Links :
On Megaupload

Installation :
Copy the file gst_vf1s.pbo in the AddOns folder of your game.

Additional media :
Picture :

Video on Youtube

If the staff members of Armaholic can relay these informations on their database, it would be perfect :D

Enjoy !