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#108514 Posted at 2011-07-28 15:07        
One of the things about GL4 is that the enemy can fake their death, act like they are dead on the ground. Well I was just doing some stuff with ACM and thought my team had downed an enemy patrol. We go to investigate and they all look dead so we move on. Like 2 minutes later we begin receiving fire from a hilltop. One of the machinegunners faked his death and stalked us until he got up on a hill top. He killed half of our squad before we knew what was going on. It was hilarious :-D

Armstrong-"Hey Carillo, do you see that?"
Carillo-"See what?"
Armstrong-"Something's burning over there, see the smoke?"
Carillo-"That's not smoke it's dust!"
Armstrong-"Dust? i don't get it."