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#108768 Posted at 2011-08-01 00:03        
I have the DVD of ARMA2 and a DD of OA. Should I install Arma2(dvd version) into the "Steam\steamapps\common" directory seeing as how that is where my DD of OA is going to go or just install it into my standard games directory?

Ok....I did just as I asked in my post and as was mentioned. I completely removed all traces of Arma and then installed the DVD of Arma2 into the steam/steamapps/common folder(not sure if it mattered) and updated it to the latest 1.10. I then downloaded the Steam version of OA into the default directory as it didn't give me an option. OA loaded right up and looking in the extentions tab....Arma2 was there! However, I don't have anything that says Combined Operations.

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