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#109496 Posted at 2011-08-12 05:39        
Thanks fellas for the detailed posts. Also, thanks to Foxhound for editing the title for me. I was in a hurry earlier, and for the life of me couldn't think of a good title lol. I did some reading about Arma the other day. It sounds like a lot of people really like it due to the realism and amount of content. I am going to get the "Free" version installed now to check it out. That way I can kinda get the hang of things. Plus I can see how much I like it first. It takes a really special PC game for me to get really into it. Other wise I will play it a few times and be done with it. I just hope the "Free" version is going to be enough to sell me on the "Full" version. I don't want bad graphics to play a role in my judgement for the game. Then, I end up missing out on something greater. Bad graphics is what turns me off with other shooters. AA2 and AA3 type graphics I can live with. However, some of these other shooters I could care a less for. Thanks again for the quick replies, and great advice!