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#111246 Posted at 2011-09-09 20:22        
# Foxtrop : Update 7/september/2011

Added shadows
Canopy working
reduced speed
added 1 lod

future planes:
new cabine
create the J10B
reduce the payload for J10A
Welcome back. :-)

The Beta2 is great, works better than before, just I found that the plane won't explode when crashed.


I believe you can find plenty of photos about the newest version (05) of J-10B for modeling. It's rather exhausting to enhance the look like these pictures below:

It's almost the whole airframe has been modified, as well as adding some features from the JAS-39 counterpart, except there's a IR detection bud in front of the canopy. If you look at these pictures below you'll see these details:

And yea, I also founded the weapon/droptank mounted pictures:

Forgive to say this, but I think you can do it better for the modeling. And by the way, the cockpit of J-10A/B are really difficult to find in internet, that's by far I've found the clearest pictures of it:

As well as these websites: (Not too clear but maybe useful)


You know, I am still a big fan of J-10B so I think you can do it better with these picture as references. Maybe there will be more soon enough. Hope that you can get the model better, just don't rush it. :-D

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