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Dysta that pictures are very helpful! I cant get it look very similar I think that my plane is shorter than the original. Also I commited the error of use as reference a CGI 3d plane pictures.
About no exploding, you mean in air? I know that it doesnt explode in air I dont know why, but when it touch the ground explode and change model, also it spawn a gbu bomb to increase the destruction(I.should.remove.that).
This are some pictures from the recent work

Recently starter cockpit cabine

J10b with comformal fuel tank, the important here are the normal maps and supershader

J10b without comformal fuel tanks flying

W/O comformal fuel on land


I have some questions about planes. The antena in the front is for test or they are used all the time?
Should I add the refuel tube?
Also someone can test it in gameplay? I mean is too powerfull? is too weak? too fast? too slow?

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