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#111540 Posted at 2011-09-16 07:09        
I was playing on evolution blue and was dropped off to the northwest on the beach near Corazol. I hopped out of the blackhawk, said thanks to the pilot, and as I start walking away I hear an explosion. I turn and the blackhawk is falling out of the sky not more than five seconds after I got out, it ends up in the water, and a KA-50 flys past me. I laughed really hard, mostly from the shock of the occurance.

Another time I was flying the mh-6, lagged out, ended up inside a warehouse in the cieling, and as I get out I end up on the roof with the helicopter and the rotors are wrecked. So I jump off the roof and don't even get injured. Ofcourse, the people who I told to bail out when I was trapped in the cieling werent too happy.