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#111553 Posted at 2011-09-16 12:05        
Hi. Iam trying to link ArmaII + ArmaII reinorcement bundle (OA+BAF+PMC = CO) together. I installed ArmaII and the reinforcements pack to the same directory (bohemia folder) then i patched to 1.10. Everything works fine except when i go to the multiplayer server list the list only shows servers for wichever one i have loaded up, ie: ArmaII vanilla or reinforcements bundle. I would like to be able to see servers for both 1.10 ArmaII vanilla aswell as ArmaII-CO whenever I load up CO. i hate having to exit one and startup the other just to check on what servers are up. Also, in CO i went to my expansion list and it says they are all enabled.

note: After I get this figured out i would also like to link ArmaII & ArmaII-CO with Project reality mod so i can just see what servers are up for all 3.

Also, if I may id like to bring up another problem iam having while iam at it. After installing ArmaII and ArmaII CO I installed PR mod. Now, whenever I try to load up CO I get a huge red ERROR message saying that i didnt load up PR with praa.exe, and that i should abort and load the game with praa.exe. i even tryed going into the directory and running the actual CO exe. And I still get that message. iam forced to remove the @PR mod folder from the directory completely in order to loadup vanilla CO.Then ofcourse when i want to run PR i have to place the mod folder back into place. very annoying. Also it dosent say that iam running the PR mod in my CO target line. i have uninstalled everything and reinstalled everything and still this happened again. Am i doing something wrong by installing PR directly into my armaII directory?