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#111603 Posted at 2011-09-17 07:26        
My best moment was in Takistan in a BMP-1...
Apprached by an unidentified enemy helo, I'd just ducked into a smallish valley for cover and was still moving towards the road along the valley floor when the helo (now identified as a rocket armed Mi-17) overflew me. In gunner's seat and the turret still trained forward/right so I wound back the sight to get a better overall view when the helo entered the top right edge of my scope. I was intending to switch to the MG but as lay the gun I thought I might get a quick snap shot as the sight picture seemed just right and I fired anyway...with the 73mm...didn't expect too much...

Very happily surprised to see the round burst against the fuselage just beneath the tail boom and the helo swing to starboard as it disappeared over the far crestline of the valley. Even happier when about 7-10 seconds later, a column of smoke started rising not far off the same heading.

Hitting a crossing helo target with a single snap shot from a 73mm gun from an old IFV moving across rough terrain - Priceless!


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