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#111802 Posted at 2011-09-20 09:01        
hi all, im having some problems downloading files off the website, i use the free download manager, it works great and has never done me wrong, over the last few months tho (since the website/server update thing they did) the fdm has not been able to dl any kind of file from armaholic, if i click on the top link the download starts and then imedeatly stops and comes up with a message, filename has stopped, aparently it has smonting to do with an invalad username and password, no idea why tho. if i click on the 2nd link the download starts and then only downloads a "page.php" thats about 10kb when i try to assign a file name and extention eg "" it downloads a corrupted file and dosent work, however if i dont use the fdm id downloads fine using the windows downloader, but we all know how slow, unstable and generaly anoying that is!!!
im not sure what could be causing this, especialy as this does not happen at all on any other site, including arma 2's beta download site, also 2 of my friends are having the same problem. ive reinstalled fdm, tryd numerious setting changes and still no joy, any ideas?

thanks in advance, cheers


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