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#114610 Posted at 2011-11-16 17:55        
Point, is i asked two questions.
1. Why is CH47 sling loading an Abrams tank in a game set in current operations time frame. Answer i got is that it is server based and scripted. So, i think the game is very realistic, and if i were king of 7th Cav server i would not spoil the realism with such non sense of sling loading a 70 ton tank. But i am not in charge, so i will just continue to laugh when i see it being played.
2. Second question, why almost all the games seem to be human against AI and not human against hum, or human/AI teams against human/AI teams. Still have not read a reply to this question.

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# NoQuarter : @Lonestarranger:

You are new to ARMA game...and apparently your vocation is military has this not crossed your desk.
You can answer your question -regarding the lack of PvP/TvT modes- quite easily... all it takes is for one to wade through all of the Co-Op modes -by using the browsers Filter option.
Yes, i saw that link and in fact discussed it with my boss. It is also why i am making a start at learning the mission editor and am going to purchase the Arma 3 futures. I think i can use this in my work as well as playing at home. I have been learning 3D modeling and animations. And i could see this type of capability being used to visualize new developments before drafting requirements.

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