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#114612 Posted at 2011-11-16 20:38        
# Lonestarranger : Point, is i asked two questions.
1. Why is CH47 sling loading an Abrams tank in a game set in current operations time frame. Answer i got is that it is server based and scripted. So, i think the game is very realistic, and if i were king of 7th Cav server i would not spoil the realism with such non sense of sling loading a 70 ton tank. But i am not in charge, so i will just continue to laugh when i see it being played.
2. Second question, why almost all the games seem to be human against AI and not human against hum, or human/AI teams against human/AI teams. Still have not read a reply to this question.

Added 5 minutes later:

Yes, i saw that link and in fact discussed it with my boss. It is also why i am making a start at learning the mission editor and am going to purchase the Arma 3 futures. I think i can use this in my work as well as playing at home. I have been learning 3D modeling and animations. And i could see this type of capability being used to visualize new developments before drafting requirements.

As previously stated, it's only as realistic as the user/server host wants it to be. I've played on servers like that in that past, and ones in which I thought were far worse in so where it concerns the "realism" factor. There are plenty of TvT style games and hosts out there. To be honest, I vastly prefer the TvT elements than that of COOP, especially when played with realism based groups.

If you have any questions concerning VBS2 I'd be more than happy to answer them, as I own a copy of VBS2-PE.

Cheers and welcome aboard!

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