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#114634 Posted at 2011-11-17 14:13        
Yes, i see alot of potential in this game. Don't get me wrong, the coop is fun as well even though i have only played a little. But the fact that you have a mission editor and can create scenarios with PvP, or any combination of people and AI has unlimited potential. I wish Red Orchestra 2 had been made with the Arma 2 engine.
Not sure if i am doing something wrong with my Steam version of the game, but does not seem to be more than about 15-20 servers every night and they are not too many people on them. Most are password protected.
I downloaded the Invasion 44 Mod and think it is fantastic, but cannot find anyone playing it online.
And thanks for the invite, will check your server out.

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# Foxhound : VBS2 related questions belong in the VBS thread, not anywhere else!
My question was a comparison of
VBS2 with Arma 2. So would not think the question is solely about VBS2 and not a violation of forum rules. But i will take it to the other Forum, although i do not see a VBS2 forum listed in the lobby. And as to your "!" calm down buddy, life is too short to get excited about everything.

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