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#114638 Posted at 2011-11-17 16:33        
# Lonestarranger : My question was a comparison of
VBS2 with Arma 2. So would not think the question is solely about VBS2 and not a violation of forum rules. But i will take it to the other Forum, although i do not see a VBS2 forum listed in the lobby. And as to your "!" calm down buddy, life is too short to get excited about everything.

Ah, I see you need a little guidance. So, let me start preeching from my high horse while being all excited to make sure you get my message the way I want you to get it.

1 - do not discuss our moderation in public! (to be sure you see it I used a "!" again)
2 - follow instructions given, no VBS2 discussion means no VBS2 discussion. Wether you want to compare it, enlighten it, review it I dont care. Its all the same for me!
3 - Do not tell me to calm down........... *WASSUP*

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