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#115003 Posted at 2011-11-27 11:29        
Thanks for the help guys! I'll try it out!

Added 12 minutes later:

# HT-57 : This may help...

Creating a SecOp module in the editor
1. Create a SecOp manager Module and name that module
2. Synchronize the SOP manager to your player unit
3. Also, if you don’t want HQ to give you Secondary Objectives, type this in the Init field of the SOM Module
this setVariable [“settings”, []], true, nil, nil, false]];
SecOp will be always activated for this mission

Creating CAS in the editor
4. Create a trigger near the player unit
5. Set Activation Radio <letter>, enable Repeadetly NOTE: THIS WILL ENABLE THE CAS FOR THE ENTIRE MISSION
6. Condition Present
7. Select- Timeout, type- None, text- Close Air Support,
8. Write this down in the On Act. field
[["tactical_airstrike"], player] call BIS_SOM_addSupportRequestFunc;
9. Preview the mission
Calling in CAS and Artillery in-game and marking targets
1. Open the Map to view the Radio
2. Select Close Air Support
3. Use the Command mode (key: SPACE) to locate Communication > Support > CAS/Artillery
4. You can now use the SOFLAM to mark targets.

Thanks, 1st thing, when I put the thing into the init line of the SOM Module, it tells me there's an invalid number in expression? :(
2nd thing, I've got it all set up where I can select CAS, I'm looking at the target with my designator, but it says no aircraft available. So what do I need to do? :(

Thanks for all the help, I'm a noob when it comes to anything like this. Haha.

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