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#118218 Posted at 2012-02-08 15:55        
Troubleshooting 101: Lowest Common Denominator.

As posted earlier, you will want to rule out the list of possibilities by running the app in its last stable (v1.60) version -without beta revisions, or any 3rd-party addons- to verify whether the issue is occuring within the main program and/or main program settings.
You should be able to do this quite easily by running the game directly from its default shortcut or *.exe.

If the error/glitch is not present at this stage, start adding in the variables one by one -and checking after each addition- to determine when the issue presents itself.
It might help if you would post the contents of your *:\Users\*\Documents\ArmA 2\Arma2*.cfg, as well as the value of the terrainGrid block of your *:\Users\*\Documents\ArmA 2\*.Arma2*Profile to spot something obvious.

AToC settings.