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#118237 Posted at 2012-02-08 19:57        
# Carlhkh : I've got it all, always starting Combined Ops.

You can allways use your nvidia Control Panel, or ATI software to change settings for one specific game or global.
In there you can change the texture frames.

If you find anything that has to do with Optimization on texturing, turn it off. This causses the graphic card to change the game to "automatic" for performance, and we don't want that do we. By this way it turns out to max settings for the textures (as the game can take), or choose to default in case nothing works.

Anyway, you can also set the game settings to "Very high" and THAN change the advanced settings to your like, often helps people in this case of texture issues.

You can also take help from this Enter text for the link here... thread which edits the config files

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