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#118581 Posted at 2012-02-15 08:28        
Well thank god for the good Armaholic forums! No need for a silly Confirmation from the Admins before I post a topic :D

Well I am very frustrated right now, because I have saved up my 30 bucks and bought Arma 2 Combined Operations from Steam. This is Pretty much Arma 2, and Operation Arrowhead together but with a Fancy name.

I had these two problems when I tried to run them on Steam:

After that happened, I raged and Cursed :p then Searched the Problem on Google. Someone else had the Same problem, and was told to Verify the Install on Steam. I got help from a Friend on how to do that, and I did it with Arma 2 and it worked. [I verified it on Steam by right clicking on the game, Properties, Local Files, and: Verify Integrity of Game Cache...] And Arma 2 Normal Version works fine for me now.

BUT when I tried it with Operation Arrowhead:

Or... am I supposed to Manually Add Operation Arrowhead to the Origional Arma 2? I mean.. it IS an addon... or does it come with the game too?

Will ssomeone PLEASE help me with this, its really getting the better of me :/