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#118876 Posted at 2012-02-22 22:01        
Hey wiki, thank you for giving this a spin. You spot that right, it was supposed to be the intro mission of a campaign, but then the dreaded "looks like FADE bug" kicked in.
Explanation: FADE is a copy protection used by BIS since OFP, whereas in illegitimate copies, parts of the game are deleted until it becomes unplayable over time. I have bought the original since OFP but I am suffering from this bug a few times a year (units and triggers disappearing from what you placed in the editor). Note that this mission is in a rather finished state, but I scrapped the 2 others and released this one before they could go further down the bug drain.

If you want to test some other works from me, please go to OFPEC and test my "Operation Aqua Lion". I already posted this request in one of your threads over there.