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#118976 Posted at 2012-02-25 03:31        
how do i get opfor and blufor to defend certain areas and if one from the opposit fraction enters the wrong teretory they are met by heavy reistance ??

Search for 'Intelligent Patrols' that works a little like that.

i think it may be possible with game logic and acm module but i cant figur out how to :(
i never used game logic before can anybody help me ?
You could put this in Script Requests Thread -- I am able to answer questions to problems (editing/scripting), but unable to do stuff on your behalf. The more specific your question the better I can help.

on to pf my troubles i cant drag wounded soliders anymore nor carry the the entier animation is screwed up and my asc weapons pack dosnt work either i cant modefie weapons any more :(
has anybody got these problems or am i the only one ??

Unlikely this has happened 'out-of-the-blue'. Uninstall mods/addons to the default configuration. Some addons do not work well together, or in the wrong order, in your mod string

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