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#120608 Posted at 2012-04-04 13:38        
This contains Russian modern motorized (or mechanized, i dunno how to translate it properly lol) infantry in 3 versions of camoflauge (Flora VSR-98, Digital Flora and ODKB Desert). In v 3.0 we added new models, wound textures, TI maps, backpack support... We also changed textures and reworked some equip models so no more animation bugs should be expected.
-Arma 2 OA (version 1.51 or better). May probably work on vanilla AA2, but we haven't tested
It contains configs for both default and Vilas weapons and 3 replacements.

Here comes new version!
v 3.015
- Added vests to distance LODs
- Reworked scouts
- Now wounds on legs work properly
- Fixed errors in view pilot LOD
- Reduced number of texture sections (now from 4 to 11, not from 6 to 15)
- Added camo covers to the helmets
- Reworked medic model
- Units no longer float about 5 cm off the ground
- Fixed errors in stringtable
- Neated up pants and boots
- Scout medic can heal now
- Fixed GL bug in Vilas weapons config
Download (3.015):
Our team:
KraG - texture artist, screenshot maker
SilentHunter - screenshot maker, tester, consultant
Gerasimow9 - 3D artist
Dmitriy8613 - configs, replacements
Max1048 - 3D artist, texture artist
Me - 3D artist, texture artist.

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