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About Carrier Command: Gaea Mission
Based on a groundbreaking 80s classic, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission takes place on the breathtaking planetoid Taurus and revolves around the conflict between the Asian Pacific Alliance and the United Earth Coalition. In command of an armed vehicle carrier, players will traverse the seas to establish a network of island bases for mining, manufacturing and defense. The game offers a vast amount of player freedom and integrates real-time strategy elements, like commanding units, managing resources and customizing equipment, with 1st/3rd-person action, by letting players take instant and direct control of any unit at any time.

Januari 25th 2012 - Carrier Command Screens

February 19th 2012 - spacesector previews Carrier Command

April 3rd 2012 - Carrier Command Screens

May 17th 2012 - Carrier Command: Gaea Mission will ship to Windows PC and Xbox 360

May 18th 2012 - Carrier Command: Gaea Mission Facebook extra

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