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#120685 Posted at 2012-04-06 09:50        
Hello @ll

Today can i Present you the "Rework" of my Old/First Mp7 Project, now in to Version 2.00

Download: Mirror:

Deposit Files Mirror:

FreakShare Mirror:

Addon Description:

- HK "Heckler & Koch" Mp7 Weapon's for the Game.
- Silenced Weapon Version's.
- Altogether 20 Different Versions of the Weapon.
- 2 Different Magazine's, 40 & 20 Round Mag.
- Defined Bullet Balistics (Normal/SD/Hit/Speed/Init-Speed/Typical-Speed)
- The Tac. Mp7 are add a LLM-01 Laser/Light Module.
- Functioning Thermal Textures of the Weapon.
- Dynamic Shoot Sound.
- Mp7 Ammo-Box in to the Editor.

- New: Complete Rebuild of the Model's.
- New: Mp7 now define as Main Weapon.
- New: Weapon/Ammo/Ammo-Box Config.
- New: Complete New Sound's.
- New: Dynamic Shoot Sound Effekt's.
- New: Working TI Textures.
- New: Tac. Vesion's of Mp7's.
- New: Different Target-Sights.
- New: Gui-Pic's.

Required Addons:

- None !
(Armed Assault 2 & Armed Assault Operation Arrowhead Together or A2: Combat Operation Required).

Credits & Thanks:

'Schmung' for the Mp7 ground base Model !
'The_Tub' for the Mp7 Texture base !
'TheLama' for the Acog/EoTech Model & Texture's !
'Norrin' for the PERFECT Hand-Hold Animation !
'da12thMonkey' for the AWESOME LLM-01 Laser/Light Module Model & Texture !
'LordJarhead' for the AWESOME Sound's & Sound Config Edit !
'Bohemia Interactive' for the ground Based Game !
And all the Other great people of the Armed Assault Community who have Supported/Help me for my Project´s, BIG Thx. for it !

This is NOT an Official AddOn from Bohemia Interactive !
Use of this Content is your own Risk !
I am NOT Responsible for any Damages on your System or Parts thereof of use this Content in any Art !
Editing or Redistributing this AddOn, or any part of it, is NOT allowed in any way without
My or Third Contributors Person´s explicit, written, Permission of their Respective Owners !