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Description: A simple armament delivery task turned into a very dangerous emergency 'top-secret military property retrieval' operation for these four after the U.S army forces ambushed the Takistani army's couriers while delivering the mysterious 'special package'

Type: 1-4 players MP co-op

Extra info regarding the mission: You're a Takistanian army whose originally assigned to deliver armaments to a Takistan military base. But ends up to be the Takistan military forces' last hope to retrieve a top-secret military property after the couriers who supposed to deliver the package is being ambushed by the U.S military forces.


Extra note: This is my shortest custom mission :) well, my first custom mission with ArmA 2 CO. I made it so it can be finished in like an hour. Hopefully, I'll make bigger custom ArmA 2 CO missions in the future. I Hope you guys enjoy this mission.

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