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#121734 Posted at 2012-04-28 12:10        
Welcome to Armaholic :-)

# j0hnanderson : What are the advantages/disadvantages of buying via Steam over buying the PC DVD?

Well, there are no real advantages except you do not have to bother with DVD's anymore.
However, and this is a personal opinion, Steam is a pain. Its giving a lot of issues for many people. Not cause Steam is bad but because it needs to be used a bit differently than how you normally start/edit your games and not being prepared to read and search for additional info will cause a lot of confusion.

If I may be so free I advice you to buy from the BI shop. This does not require you to install any additional software for just being able to run the game (unlike Steam!). You just download all the game files from there and install it as if you were installing from a DVD.
Also, by buying from Sprocket you are supporting the developer since Sprocket is the dev's shop so any money spend in their shop directly goes into their game development.

You can find the shop here:

If I purchase Arma X, will it install automatically as Combined Operations?

First you install Arma 2, than you install OA and upon install it will detect your Arma 2 installation folder and ask you if you want to install there. Just do not change anything and it will install as CO :-)

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