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#121744 Posted at 2012-04-28 15:06        
# NoQuarter : First things first...why is this still in the Troubleshooting Section?

Seemed the right place, but I'm more than happy for it to be moved to a more appropriate forum. Done while posting this thread. Thanks Foxhound.

# NoQuarter : Good choice to pass on Steam, it adds nothing but potential problems -problems that are not needed.

Yep. Read too many horror stories. It does seem to be the predominant source for the game on this site's help and information threads, so I just wanted to make sure.

# NoQuarter : You post that you are very new to the series, and if true, I'd recommend holding off on SU, ACE & ACRE until you are on stable ground with the stock program. Then slowly move on to any mods that interest you -one at a time.

Using SU is handy once you eventually hook up with a crew/clan and stick with them but if you also intend to hit public servers be aware -and make allowances for- version mis-matches that are sure to follow...not every admin is willing to update their server with every revision to ACE, etc.

ACE & ACRE are both excellent addons -and ones that you should definately look into- but only after you've got a handle on ArmA II to begin with.

Far too sensible. ;)

# NoQuarter :There are too many cases out there of new players who dive too deep at first and get frustrated with some of the problems/conflicts that go along with adding multiple 3rd-party apps/mods to the main game and give up on the entire series as a whole.
Good luck and have fun.

Cheers for the advice, all taken on board.

# Foxhound : In the "Addons and Mods: Complete" forum sections you can find a sticky discussing which addons you should use.

Also, you use what you like. What others like does not mean you like that too. So, just browse the download section, download what sounds and/or looks interesting, install it and have a go with it.
Units/communities all use (or allow) different addons. There is no default set. So, find yourself a community which suits your play style and download all addons they require/allow.
To find communities fitting your style browse through this section:
- ArmA Community Advertising

Going to take it slow as NoQuarter suggests, and thanks for the link. There are some there I hadn't managed to find.


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