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Hey gang!

So today I began work on a wee simple little mission, Far Cry: Duala. Basically, in the mission, you are part of a PMC hired by the Afrenian government to help take control over Molatia. The story behind it is basically going to be a military coup in Molatia failed miserably, led to a violent civil war, and ended when the Afrene military intervened and took over the country. Right now the missions scope is a little small, focusing only on a few locations west and north of Bolabango, but hopefully I can make it a little larger. The mission will focus on BLUFOR (Afrenian Military + Your PMC) vs OPFOR (Molatian Army + African Rebels) and Independent (Rival PMC hired by remnants of Molatian army)

Only addons that will be required for the mission will be Duala and the Desert Mercenaries/Black Ops unit addon. Hopefully.

Anyways, for this mission, I need some help.

First, given that you're a PMC, you need to be able to buy men, weapons, and vehicles! I'm not sure how to make a script that allows me only to buy a few things. This is small scale warfare, thus things like tanks and even light armored vehicles are out of the question. I need to only let the player purchase things like Mercenaries, the guns available to those mercenaries, AND civilian vehicles and technical's.

Second, I need to implement a money script. I want the player to get money from either killing enemy troops (getting payed for helping the gov'ment, low pay), completing mission objectives (clearing an area of enemies, high pay), and finding evidence of atrocities carried out by OPFOR and Independant faction (Finding dead civilians, raising international support for Afrene intervention, gov'ment in return gives you some money). This is how the player will buy himself more troops and equipment. The way my atrocities idea will work is that, in some places on the map, there may be a small farmstead or something that was taken over by enemy troops, and they killed the original occupants, ditching their bodies in the bush near the building. When the player finds these, they'll get the option to 'Report Atrocity' and a bit of money will be send to their account.

I also need to make is so that when the player buys units, they're spawned in the 'playable' state. Maybe. This makes the mission a lot easier.

Finally, I need to make it so when you take over an objective location, e.g a lumber mill, friendly troops will spawn in the area and 'guard' it. When they do this, the rival PMC will be 'payed' to take it back, thus a small group of PMC's needs to spawn at their HQ and march to the objective just taken. I want this so it encourages players to actively battle their Rival PMC and attack the HQ and wipe them out, thus making the mission a little easier.

I'm really quite awful at scripting, as I don't really understand that, which is why I would like help! Any help would be awesome!