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Could somebody try to make some some Chris Costa style m4s with micro T1 Aimpoints or any optic is fine with magpul furnishing (Pmags and Emags, CTR stock, UBR stock, ACS stock, XTM rail panels, MOE pistol grip/hand guard, AFG not magpul but a KAC handstop ect..) and maybe put on Daniel Defense and Knights Armament RIS (DD 12.0 rail,DD mk18 rails, Omega X rails for KAC maybe URX and RAS rails any length) I want these rifles in-game because i feel like theres no tactical weapons out that include the new accessories that all the shooters are using today and it would be cool to feel like Chris Costa Here are some examples below

I love the lower on this one its a Magpul C

the one below this text is great example of what i want on a M4 besides the crane stock just replace it with a CTR stock

Chris Costa's M4 setup

Two links that are perfect for what i want in-game just keep going through the pages on Stickman's Flickr page and you'll find just about everything i said above in the description the other link is all on Chris Costa

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