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I'm going hot off the beta release of my first completed submission, Op. Croc Hunt: Insertion for Isla Duala ( ), this time I have switched focus from Horn of Africa to Afghanistan, looking to provide an experience than is even more true to real-life events. Taking some of the feedback about peoples' play-throughs and impressions of Croc Hunt, I plan to release a single-scenario mission (no grandiose plans of a campaign) with more to do, more to see, and more ways to accomplish the mission.

Op. Razor's Edge

Alex / HeadUp

Inspired by the real-life Operation Knife Edge that took place in mid-October of 2011, involving Special Forces from the US and Afghan National Army working together to clear the remote border province of Paktika of a training camp used by the Haqqani network, one of the most dangerous militant groups to threaten NATO and the Afghan Government --

Many of the names have been changed, but they're all very close to what I've been able to research about the op. The campaign gives players control of a fire team from Tier One AFO Bourbon, with orders to rendezvous with the ANA's 3rd Brigade, 213th Corps in Hadiz after inserting in the ridge to the south via MH-6J. After clearing two villages in the AO, AFO Bourbon must talk to the inhabitants with the help of your newly-embedded translator from the ANA in order to determine the location of a Haaquni network training camp, which is occupied by a substantial number of Haaquni, Taliban, and Chechen extremists. There will also be a series of bonus objectives, such as rescuing a soldier from the BAF who is being held hostage, and locating a deep-cover operative who will join your squad once found. Similar to Croc Hunt, the battlefield will have more going on than just what your team is up to-- this is an Afghan-led operation, with squads from 3rd Bn. hunting the AO for Haaquni strongholds.

  • New mission for the excellent Aliabad region
  • Insanely detailed briefing with background on the region and OPFOR
  • Lots of dialogue (although sadly no voice acting for now)
  • Choose your loadout during the briefing or on-board the insertion chopper
  • Utilizes simple house lighting script by TPW for extra beautiful color and detail
  • You are part of a larger operation and will have to check fire for civvies, friendlies and non-hostile militias
  • Call in CAS support, make use of allied ANA armor and ground troops
  • New objectives and map markers added while in-mission

  • Installation:
    Simply unpack the OPREv090.MCN_Aliabad.pbo in your ..\<ArmA2 installation>\Missions folder (you may create it first).

    As this is a beta, your feedback is welcomed and appreciated (solutions and suggestions as well!) Please direct feedback to the following thread on Armaholic:

    Planned Changes & Fixes:
    * Update tip text when fire mission is confirmed
    * Update Untie action for rescuing BAF soldier (to warn that it takes a few seconds)
    * Consider adjusting the clear Tagaw objective area and investigate units falling thru floors of houses making them difficult to find or engage.
    * Investigate Clear Tagaw objective bug, where some players would have the objective become incompleted after having already completed it. (Please provide feedback if this is happening to you!)

    a) This campaign is distributed without any warranty, it may work or even not. If you encounter any bugs feel free to report them at or at the above-linked forum thread.
    b) This is NOT an official release supported by BIS. The use of this scenario is entirely at your own risk.

    Credits & Thanks:
    - The Arma2 editor community for providing so much documentation
    - McNools, Someguywho, TPW, Volw, and the community at large for their amazing addons
    - Tour of Teamrespawn crew
    - My GF for putting up with my editing obsession
    - Armaholic for file hosting and being the portal to the wide world of Arma modding
    - Bohemia Interactive for giving the hardcore mil shooter fanatics the game of their dreams

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