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#122926 Posted at 2012-05-24 08:41        
I have installed games with slightly different order:
I have 3 downloads from sprocket. Arma2, Arma2oa and BAF (windows 7 64bit)
I have installed Arma2oa (program files x86) then BAF then patch 1.60.
Then i installed arma2 (program files x86 i had to change it as it was defaulting to program files), updated to 1.05.
then run again the 1.60 patch which updated the arma2 to 1.11
However there was no icon created for the arma2co.
I downloaded the bat file from the BIS thread but it is a bit messy with the cmd window etc...however i did the job.
In order for the co shortcut to be created do i need to unistall everything and install them again with the different order? (arma2-->arma2 patch 1.05-->arma2 oa-->BAF-->arma2oa patch 1.60)
thanks for your help