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#123039 Posted at 2012-05-26 04:39        
* Added an objective to kill Zajib Faisal, leader of the Haaquni training camp...but killing him is not enough, you have to confirm the body in order to complete the objective.
* BAF Prisoner rescue optional objective is working quite well now, thanks to the simple hostage script by Taco.
* Switched ANA V3S's to BMP's, which now lend a lot more fire support and help ensure that the Afghan's are taking the lead in the fight and not letting the Americans have all the fun. Although they are supposed to guard Hadiz, they seem to come to your rescue when you are in over your head (if you can stay alive long enough).
* Switched initial Haaquni camp objective from clear to finding it first (because BLUFOR doesn't know the exact location at the beginning of the mission), which requires you to either talk to civilians (after making their villages safe first) or run around the AO looking to get lucky.
* In-mission addition/updating of objectives is in place for objectives (eg. after clearing Hadiz, the objective is added to speak to a civilian who may know the location of the camp.
* Loading screen is done, still need to finish out the rest of the Description.ext.
* Task hints are now in-place (thanks to feedback I got from my previous mission).
* Got a few screens, but I won't link them for now unless anyone is really interested.
* There are more hand-made script files with dialogue than ever before, lots of chatter, trying to edit it down.
* The meat of the mission is in-place, but I still plan to add a few more objectives (both optional and required). All in all, you'll go tearing around a substantial portion of the Aliabad map.
* Need to figure out exactly what kind of support to give the player (none is needed to complete all objectives, but there are a few points where some arty could come in handy).
* Need to decide if I want to add the deep-cover CIA operative or not. Was thinking it'd be cool if you go out of your way to complete these optional objectives, you get rewards (access to a vehicle, another teammate, or valuable information).
* There are a lot of markers on the map, updating with triggers and tasks being completed, it's a lot to keep track of as an editor, but I think it helps players a lot.

Anyway, there's lots more to talk about, but that's the gist. Really getting excited about this one-- not only is the gameplay shaping up to be fun and get gradually more challenging at the same time, but there is a good bit of realism and historical accuracy being reflected.

Stay tuned...