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More updates:

* Added a selection of gear to Description.ext, which will allow you to customize your fireteam's loadout during the briefing. I will extend this selection to the MH-6J's cargo so you can tweak your loadout before you hit the LZ.
* Added mortar support to be used once you find the Haaquni camp (currently can be used from the beginning, but not advisable in Hadiz or Tagaw as there are civilian inhabitants) ran into issues getting the Radio Juliet (for marking the firemission in the map) and Radio Hotel (for calling it in) triggers to become available only after locating the camp. You only get one chance with the fire mission, so it should be used wisely, preferably when the player has eyes-on. Arty support is based on a script by Volw on the BI Forums.
* Added a secret bonus objective -- locate and sieze enemy attack plans.
* Added an IED workshop to the Haaquni training camp.
* Added a couple groups to the large space between Hadiz and Tagaw that have a 50% chance of spawning within a 50m radius, as well as a few armed independent (non-hostile) militiamen.
* Added animals to Hadiz, as it will be a farming village, whereas Tagaw is the location of a marketplace and madrassah. One pair of herders armed with Lee-Enfields will guard their sheep.

Here are a few teaser images:

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