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#123332 Posted at 2012-05-31 02:26        
Thanks dude, this is definitely a more involved mission than Croc Hunt, very challenging and lots of ground to cover. Your encouragement is highly appreciated, as will be your feedback when it's out.

There is a lot more randomness to this one... I've played through many times to test, and am still testing constantly as I build, but the battle can go a number of ways-- for example, if one of the friendly ANA BMPs is destroyed in the beginning by an AT ambush, or if the ANA maneuver that splits between Hadiz and Tagaw actually survives. Sometimes the ANA sweeps Hadiz and Tagaw in a breeze, other times the work is on your shoulders. Most of the time the ANA does its job of hunting down Haaqunis, and if you're patient, they will come to your aid whenever you spot a large group of insurgents. So hopefully there's a bit more replay value to this one.

Still need to arrange some form of evac and end mission stuff, I'm considering having the player sweep through one final village to eliminate any retreating OPFOR (perhaps with a lot more ANA support to compensate for the fact that their entire team may have been killed along the way), secure the LZ and then board the evac chopper to complete the mission. All in all there will be 10 or more tasks to complete total, including bonus objectives.