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Screens (WIP)

Background on Task Force 337 (373 irl) and the Joint Prioritized Effects List (JPEL):

Need to get formal mission objectives and details in order, but my goal is to deliver a similar experience to Razor's Edge (which also counts as a JPEL mission if it becomes a series), but with more to do and explore, tons of optional stuff and ways to add or change your fireteam. In the end, you'll go tear-assing across much of the Hazar-Kot map, you'll hunt Taliban hiding in caves up in the mountains, and you'll do favors for local civilians to get them to talk. You start at a remote OP near a safe-house, proceed into town, the rest will be up to you.

Requirements (subject to change):
Arma 2 CO
Hazar-Kot Valley by McNools
Tier One Operators by McNools

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