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#123925 Posted at 2012-06-07 15:12        
Thanks a lot, that is positively odd about Tagaw. I just played through and did not have this happen, I'm wondering if maybe the ANA got there earlier and cleared Tagaw before you spoke to the civilian, but even this should only update the current objective and not the taskStatus or anything. I'll investigate it further and put a note to do so in my list of updates in the first post.

As for the endgame chopper evac, when Tagaw and Hadiz are both clear, the Haaquni camp is clear, and Zajib Faisal is confirmed dead (killing him is not enough, there's an action on his body to confirm the kill), you should get a notification from Charlie Actual that he's confirmed and to use Radio Bravo (0-0-2) to call in Wildcat Bravo Two for evac. Once you activate Radio Bravo, the chopper makes its way in, the ANA liason leaves to return to his unit, and when the chopper lands you simply get in and order your men to follow, which ends the game once you're onboard. So I guess bc the Tagaw obj became incomplete somehow, you did not get this option. Perplexing...