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#123997 Posted at 2012-06-08 18:15        
Worked on it almost all day yesterday, got a lot of detail into what is going to be a small beginning portion of the mission. I'm adding conversation trees (still unfortunately no voice acting), and dialogue options that change as the mission progresses. There is a ton of story to explore.

This is more of an exploration/investigation type of mission. You'll spend more time driving across the region and talking to people than in most user-made missions. It's more like that amazing 2nd mission from BAF with the Jackal patrol...but think of the Tier One setting I've been focused on with a gloomy but beautiful dusk sky that gets darker and adds challenge the longer you play.

There won't be too much CPU-intensive detail (I hope), you can do so much with so little in these addAction .sqf files. For example, I will not be including loadout choices during the briefing. If you want to change your loadout, there is an armory at Haven (your TF's HQ), but you can't just waltz past the guard, you need to request clearance from Panther Actual, your CO. Once you present clearance, you have access to a few forgotten favorites from Arma2, as well as a standard assortment of US and German weaponry (TF337 is fictionally based at Camp Marmal, reported home of the real-life TF 373, which also is the largest German Bundeswehr base outside of Germany).

This will likely take me a week or so, so stay tuned.

Here is a photo of your JPEL-listed target, Yemen-born Habib bin Sadah:

And a preview of the art for the loading screen:

Added 2 hours 41 minutes later:

Yes! Branching conversation paths, something I've always wanted to work toward learning. Now, depending on your response, you will have different outcomes and get pointed in different directions. It's gonna get labyrinthine on my end, but on the player's end it won't be too complex at all.

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