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An update:

By far, this is my most complex and plot-driven scenario to-date. There are many points of conversation with the characters, as well as choices you will make as a player that will not only determine how the game is played (examples below), but showcase some of the moral and ethical issues surrounding the existence of TF337 and the JPEL.

I'd say I'm about 33% to 50% through what I think will be an adequately long mission. Depending on who you add to your fireteam, you might get access to new objectives, so I still need to figure out who to make available to join, and what information they may have. I definitely want that CIA operative who was MIA in Op. Razor's Edge to make an appearance.

Example of non-linear mission structure:
Your first lead in the hunt for your target is a meeting with the elders. However, they are not so comfortable sharing what they know up front. After doing "a favor" for one of the elders, you are given three clues to explore-- one of which is to speak to a local farm hand named Abdul Hakam. Depending on how you react to Hakam, he may join your fireteam, and once he is a member of your fireteam, he will tell you about some of his contacts. If you react the wrong way to Hakam, he will not join you, and thus you will not have access.

Later in the mission, you'll have more significant decisions to make, such as choosing between a frontal assault with UH-60M insertion, or stealth raid on a known enemy position. You will also be given the option to drop a bomb on a compound reported to house the target, but you will not be 100% sure.

Aside from the last part about bombing the compound blindly, the above-described stuff is in-place. You will be changing uniforms, disarming IEDs, chatting with a wide range of personalities, and eventually, you'll be doing a lot of killing...but also, hopefully, a bit of thinking as well.

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