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Alright, I know this is now the third WIP post since my last release, but this one is already mostly in-place. Both Op. Fish Hook and JPEL-1 are still in-progress as well, but when I hit a wall, I find sometimes it's best to switch gears...and then the new project becomes the next big idea.

Arma 2 Combined Operations
Tora Bora (island) by Chill xl -
Tier One Operators (units) by McNools -

I've been reading about the Battle of Tora Bora that took place in December of 2001, when Coalition forces almost had bin Laden cornered. Based on the account in this book, A Different Kind of War: The United States Army in Operation Enduring Freedom 2001-2005 ( ), I've done my best to reconstruct the battlefield on December 9, 2001, based on maps from the book, accounts of the situation at the time from ODA 572, and a bit of imagination.

As a member of Task Force 11 (TF11), an elite Coalition SOF organization made up of US and UK Tier One operators, you must command 4-man AFO Viper on a DEEP RECONNAISSANCE mission in enemy-held territory. This mission makes use of well over half of the 'island', and features a minimal but engaging storyline.

(Optional) Request assistance from Eastern Alliance (EA) 'security chief' Hazrat Ali
Phase 1 - Rendezvous with ODA 572 and the other half of your team at OP Cobra Alpha
Phase 2 - Assault defensive line at Gharunta village and destroy reported enemy weapons cache
Phase 3 - Perform deep recon on villages of Sanaag Bari, Wanat, and Yak Ghar
Phase 4 - After completing your objectives, you must return to friendly territory and report back to TF11 TOC

* Highly detailed briefing modelled after the US Army's "5-paragraph format"
* Access to customized ATV with M107 (similar to what you see in Medal of Honor 2011)
* Optional objectives can earn you extra manpower and backup
* Randomness applied to enemy forces chance of spawning and waypoints, allowing for replay value
* Many tactical approaches allow you to tackle the challenge in your preferred style
* Things like fuel and terrain become highly important when using the ATVs as intended

A screen of your custom ATV, "Ol' Skanky" (ATVs are ideal for the rugged terrain)

TF11's TOC (Tactical Operations Center) across the road from EA HQ

Speak to Hazrat Ali and you might be able to procure some extra backup

Deep recon is all about getting as close as possible without being detected